it was summer – you’re a stranger

you’re getting nearer

two weeks after you’re a friend

you are close to me

next two months you are starting to play

you’re flirting with me

then three months – you have your game

you keep on fooling and left me

after nine months – still a stranger

you’re getting nearer

a week after you look ok

you’re wearing a smile

one year and five days

behind you is a scary shadow

holding a knife

400 times you’re stabbing me to death

400 days ’til now your still bruising me


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To the man that I love……

If only I could get rid of these feelings I have for you, it would be easier to accept things as they are.

But the good memories we had, always linger in my mind. It reminds me of the man that I really love but cannot be mine at all.

But then I don’t regret every single minute of the day that I spend with you, knowing that you love me too. 

It only hurts so much that you can’t stand for the love you have for me. I hope someday you can find in your heart the answer you’ve been longing for. I’m still here hanging, waiting and will always love you.
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Last week I went to the mall and entered Book Sale. I saw this craft magazine called Mollie Makes. I decided to buy it because I want to try crafting projects and there’s a freebie also.

This flower brooch is easy to make so let’s get started!! 🙂 🙂

You will need:

5 pieces of floral cotton fabric

vintage style button

spool of sewing thread

metal brooch back



glue gun


  1. Use a jam jar lid or draw a 7cm (2  ¾”) card circle as a template. Draw around it five times on your five different fabric pieces and neatly cut them out.
  2. Take one of the circles and fold neatly into a quarter. Repeat with the rest of your circles. Now you have five petal quarters. Thread your needle and cotton about 50cm (20″) long, doubled over with a big knot.
  3. Using a running stitch, sew along the rough, curved edge of your petal quarter. You should only need around 10 stitches per petal quarter. Repeat with all five petal quarters. All your petal quarters will now be strung on your length of cotton.
  4. Gather your petal quarters from both ends so they are as close together as they can be, with long ties at both ends.
  5. Then simply tie both ends together with a double knot and trim the ends. Be careful not to tie your ends too tightly or they will snap. When you have tied your flower together, equally space out the petals. You will have a small hole in the center of your flower – don’t worry at this stage, it will be covered later.
  6. Now cut a 4cm (1 5/8″) and a 2cm (¾”) paper circle. Draw around them on the felt piece and cut out. Stitch your brooch back onto the largest felt circle. It’s best to choose which way up your flower is going to go before adding the back.
  7. Stitch or glue both your button to the flower. Next, glue the smaller felt circle over the open brooch pin to cover the stitching. Finally, glue your large felt circle backing to the back of the flower. Try using a glue gun for this.

Try different effects, you can try experimenting with flat petals or pointy petals.


source: Mollie Makes  Issue 39

Hello world!

Welcome to my very first blog post! Yey!!!

As this is my very first blog ever, I hope I can sustain it and keep it updated. But I’m going to give it a whirl. We’ll see how it goes! For now, Hello World!!!

I named this blog KENOLOVE because I really love the name Keno and I want it to be my daughter’s name (if ever I will be given a chance to have one) and I decided to put Love because I can’t think of anything else to put (haha! seriously).

To describe myself, I am a nurse by profession, a Libra, a certified chocoholic, frustrated pastry chef/entrepreneur, pistoriophile ( a lover of baked goods, baking), a good friend, a loyal partner and a passionate lover.

My thoughts for this blog is to write about my life experiences, aspirations as well as philosophical musings, with the main purpose of being to make you feel better about life as well as offer some encouragements and inspirational references.

I would like this blog to eventually be a source of any or all things about DIY’s, crafts, recipes, arts, poetry, beautiful pictures, health and beauty regimes, useful tips, home-made remedies and a little bit of everything else.

Alright enough of this nonsense (hehehe! joking!). I wish you all good day!426699_468484216567006_1028552634_n